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iAttendance by Delta Info Soft is a comprehensive attendance management software designed to streamline and optimize workforce attendance tracking. This advanced system empowers organizations to efficiently manage employee attendance, track working hours, and monitor absences seamlessly. With intuitive features and robust reporting capabilities, iAttendance ensures accurate timekeeping, enhances operational efficiency, and integrates smoothly with payroll and HR systems. Simplify attendance management with iAttendance and transform your workplace productivity today.

Key Features

Streamline your workflows and boost productivity with our cutting-edge software solution.

Biometric Integration

Supports biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint or facial recognition for precise attendance tracking.

Real-time Monitoring

Provides real-time visibility into employee attendance status, allowing supervisors to monitor attendance remotely.

Shift Scheduling

Enables easy creation and management of employee shifts and schedules to ensure proper staffing levels.

Reporting and Analytics

Offers robust reporting tools to generate attendance reports, analyze trends, and identify patterns for better decision-making.

Mobile Accessibility

Allows employees to mark attendance or request leaves using mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Implementation Measures

Learn how to set up and start using our software solution.

Needs Assessment

Assessment related organization requirements and attendance management.

Customize, configure and Integrate

Customize the iAttendance app for workflow and attendance policy, Configure policies and payroll, integrated with payroll HR etc.

Training, Change Management, and Adoption

It involve educating users, addressing resistance, and promoting acceptance of the iAttendance system to maximize its effectiveness

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